Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Bodies, One Heart

What is love? 
Love has 111 entries with infinite synonyms. But none of those can accurately depict the meaning of that word when it is felt. Love can be many things. Love can be a verb, a noun, part of a phrase and an idiom. Love can also make miracles happen. Love can build up a person, or bring them down. Love can make a difference in the outcome of your dinner. Love can do crazy things to a person. Love can prevail, but it can also deceive. Love is universal, unisex, uni-size, and unique in every situation. To children, love is giving away your favorite cookies and being snackless at snacktime. To tweens, love is the attention you get from the other person, the unbreakable stares, hand-holding, hugging, texting, talking, and snuggling attention. To teenagers, love is acting like married couples without the license, basically all the symptoms of tweens but we are convinced that fighting is ok. To young adults, love is exploring the wants and needs of the lover and pleasing them, even if you're not happy. To middle-aged adults, love is getting it through the work-filled, child-filled, chaos-filled day and still finding time to talk to the other. To the elderly, love is spending 50 years with their partner, and feeling the way they did the very moment "I do." was said. In my opinion, love can't be described because the soul knows nothing like it. Love is the reason we live. While we are aimlessly searching for the someone that will complete us, love sometimes falls in our lap. Sometimes what falls in our lap is disappointment. But life is trial and error, so is not love? When we find the love that we've searched our whole lives trying to find, we can be one. After all, isn't love just one heart in two bodies?
P.S. I found a blog, Things About Love. On this blog, there is an entry where the writer asks children ages four to eight what they think love is. My favorite is by a four-year-old named Billy. 
Billy says "When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Children really have the most unique, innocent way of thinking that is deeper than what any adult could even conceive.

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