Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wonderful Rainy Daze

I LOVE rain! It began raining at my house at about 3:30 today.  The lowly pitter-patter of the raindrops on the face of the leaves and the low grumble of distant thunder initiated the rain of the day . I attempted to take some pictures of the rain on some surrounding foliage, but I don't think I did too well of a job, but I'm still happy with the way they look. :)
The wind started to pick up soon after I got done snapping some photos as did the intensity of the rain and accompanying thunder. I really enjoy sitting in the midst of such intense weather and listening to the small roar of all of the raindrops hitting the road and the leaves. The low grumble of the thunder escalated into a loud roar. The clamor and the clashing followed the jolts of lightning that danced across the hazy sky. The lightning got so beastly that I had to go inside. Mabel, my dog,  followed me around the house while I attempted to save some of my valuables of electronic nature. Poor thing... she hates this weather. She literally jumped into my arms and would not stray from my presence or my lap. I love that animals tend to seek the companionship of other animals (including humans) for the sense of safety. Humans could learn from the way that animals think and interact, which in my opinion is much like that of a child. I think that we learn about ourselves on rainy days. We are forced to look inward instead of being satisfied by the instant gratification of the world. Rainy days are always my designated philosophy days. The way that we interact and respond to the rain tells a lot about who we are. I tend to go outside when it rains and listen to the lightning rip through the sky and envelop myself in the resonance of the thunder. It is so therapeutic to me. 
To exist is to change. To change is to grow. To grow is to go on creating
oneself endlessly. 
You cannot live while being stagnant. Next time it rains, look inside yourself and see who you want to become. The best way to find out who you want to become is to look at who you are and admit you want to change. I normally have a negative disposition, but I challenged myself to seek the beauty in the things that may be lacking exactly that. It has blessed my life so much! I challenge you to find a small thing in your life that you want to work on and work on it every day. Several times a day if you can. It can't hurt, so what do you have to lose?

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  1. You just accomplished writing so much about such a small and simple subject. Well it is small, but it has such a profound effect. We see that in you post, right here.