Sunday, July 24, 2011

Before I Die, I Want To...

Before I die, I want to be able to find the stories within the stories.
I found this this photo at a website purely dedicated to peoples' wants and wishes that they want to fulfill before they die. All of the entries are Polaroids pictures with handwritten statements on them. There are hundreds from all over the U.S. They inspire me so much. I love to see all of the thoughts and dreams of every type of individual. Some may be shallow, like becoming rich; some are heartfelt, like wishing for children or families; and some are soul-searching, like the one I posted above. 
Because I was so inspired, I made one myself. Although I have a Polaroid camera, I must say that film is hard to come by these days and when you do find film, it's not cheap. I found a website named Polaroin where you can make your own Polaroid picture and even choose your own vignette color without downloading any software! 
Before I die, I want to look myself
in the mirror and smile because I  know
that I made a difference.
Before I die I would like to do several things, but this is the most important to me. I would love to make a difference in someone's life, even if it's not totally life-altering. I don't need a medal to feel accomplished. When I can see that I truly made a difference in someone's life,whether it be brightening up their day, or helping them make it through a tribulation, I am happy. 
I would love to see your own special Polaroid pics and hear your inspiring dreams! 
Comment them below or if you are viewing them on Facebook, post your dreams on the FB Post.
Here's one more inspirational Polaroid. :)