Friday, July 22, 2011

Smile Like You Mean It.

This is Buddy the Elf. Smiling is his favorite. Today, I started to wonder why it's not acceptable to say what we feel. Buddy the Elf is a perfect example of telling people what he's thinking. In the movie "Elf", he said what he felt and he meant what he said. Society has taught us that we are only to say things that will flatter people, not what they need to hear. Society says, "It's only a white lie." 
Society is wrong to tell you that. 
I read a quote today that someone posted on Facebook that said this:
The truth is rarely pure and never simple.
(Oscar Wilde) 
Am I the only one that wonders why the truth has to be perceived that way? I try to say what I think and feel, but most of the time people take what was said too critically. We should take what others say and build ourselves up. We should not build hatred against them or walls to keep them away.
I'm not saying to tell everyone the most vicious thoughts that cross your mind, but the truth is easier than people make it sound. Don't say things with the intent to hurt people and if you do that, you will see a difference. Not everyone appreciates the truth, but as soon as they're exposed to it, they will get used to it. It may be easier to some more so than others.
When someone asks you, "Do these pants make my butt look big?", don't you think they would rather walk around while looking nice or be temporarily upset? The person you answer should not be mad. They did ask you a question and they should respect that you care enough about them to tell them the truth. 
This next example is very important. Say what you feel. No one has to ask you a question for you to take that initiative. If you like someone, tell them. How can you expect to change anything between the two of you if you don't take the effort to tell them how you feel? I'm the worst about matters of the heart, but if that someone you care for doesn't reciprocate the same feelings, don't be heartbroken. There is someone out there waiting to tell you they feel the same way about you. You just haven't met them yet.
There are so many other examples that I could tell you, but just know that if you are not being honest with yourself, there is no way you are being honest with others. People will respect you for sharing what you feel and what you think. 
It takes courage to be yourself. 
Don't let others take that courage away from you. 
So next time you smile, smile like you want to. Smile like things are good in your life, but only if they are.
( I mean that.)

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