Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New School-Year, New TOMS!

I love the new TOMS that have come out for the fall season. The general focus of the new line of TOMS is teaching/learning and heavy textural fabrics. I believe that TOMS was trying to youth-en up the drab plaid and tweed by weaving glitter into them. All of the tweed and plaid shoes are infused with a subtle bit of metallic. There are 26 new pair of TOMS varying in style. Although the fall line of TOMS are pretty rockin', I have to say that these have to be my favorite.  

Although these are more of a summer look, I just love how relaxed they are. When I look at them I think  of the beach & leaving all my worries behind! I love things that make me think that I have a chance of being free from the stress of my life! 
Wishfully thinking or ready for a new pair of shoes for school? Find all of the new styles here.

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