Monday, July 25, 2011

Overcoming Yourself

We are all our own worst critic,  but what drives us to the conclusions that we are not good enough? In my opinion, media is what leads us to believe that we are inferior in many aspects. Everywhere you look, (Movies, Magazines, Music, Actresses/Actors, Video Games, Ect...) there are standards that the world expects you to live by. These standards involve some of the following:
Being super-thin (even if it involves eating disorders)
Partaking of drugs or alcohol
Premarital sex
Partying with the wrong types of people
& basically many other types of immoral recreational activities
Just because the media has portrayed this lifestyle doesn't mean we have to pursue it. How many people are truly happy because they do pursue those things? Just by looking at those lifestyle choices, I can tell you that your health would suffer, your dignity would be lost, you might develop depression and regret, there would be no stability in your life, and most of all lonely. 
I, like some girls. tend to seek after things that build ourselves up. I am so grateful to have The Church of Latter-Day Saints in my life and to have grown up with the values and virtues it teaches. These are things we seek after:
Being healthy
( Staying away from things that may harm our body)
Being Chaste
Being where we are supposed to be, when we are supposed to be there
& wholesome recreational activities
By doing these things, we can be truly happy. We also feel comfortable around others and ultimately are content with ourselves. 
When I was thinking about the things the media tries to force on us, I thought about modesty and swimsuits. As young women, we are naturally self-conscience about the way we look. So how can someone wearing a bikini be comfortable around others when the pressure to be thin is so overwhelming? I can't see how they ever could.
Drugs, sex, and alcohol are something that I will never understand. What good comes out of those things? Lets look at some possible outcomes. 
Drugs               Sex              Alcohol
  A temporary high   Pregnancy  Buzzed/ Intoxication
Loss of judgement Contracting diseases  DUI/ Manslaughter  
Those are just a few and you can imagine how those things would change your life. You could never be the same if those things happened.
By being 
and seeking after things that are
we can overcome the doubts, the judgments, and the influence of the world. 

We should be happy and proud to be who we are. Let the world see what a unique individual you are without letting the world alter that by infecting you with it's smut. You have so much potential, and who knows, you might inspire someone else by your example. 

This song came to mind while I was writing this. It is a very sweet, inspirational song.


  1. This is so simple. Doing what we're told to do is simple.

  2. me too! i listen to it alllll the time!