Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

These days, people always want everything to be perfect. But what is perfect? says that perfection is excellence or completion beyond practical or theoretical improvement. But do we realize that mistakes and errors are what make our life perfect? Everything happens for a reason. We learn from our mistakes and we grow from our trials. Our lives become perfect when we realize that we can make them that way. Sometimes things may happen and they may not be what we wanted to happen, but they work out for the better. The way that I like to look at my own life is that it's a beautiful mess. Things in my life have not been perfect, and you may even say that it's been the exact opposite. What matters is that I can grow from those experiences and learn to accept that things aren't flawless. When things happen that aren't to our liking, we have a bad attitude which is what ruins things. When we have a good and upbeat attitude about a mishap, the outcome is so much more different. Find the beauty. Go with the flow. Don't upset the nature of things just because the nature of things  upset you. Things go wrong in my life every day, just like every one of you, but I am so happy that they happen. I know that I'm about to learn something or that I need to improve in certain areas. When something happens that's out of my control, I may wish that things were different but if I waste all of my time sitting, waiting, and wishing of what could have been I will only upset myself more. Why dwell on something that we can't change? Basically, what I'm trying to say is that all of the imperfections are what make our lives perfect. Without the trials, the tribulations, the mistakes, and the mishaps, you would not be who you are now. Those things shape you, your personality, your disposition, and ultimately your life. Don't fight what is inevitable. Take the mistakes, hit the ground running, and go with it. Things will turn out so much better if we embrace imperfection instead of resisting it.
So again, perfection is excellence or completion beyond practical or theoretical improvement. By finding the perfection in imperfection, and growing from trials we improve. So the word itself indicates that perfection can only be gained through imperfection.

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  1. Such lovely words of wisdom, like always. Very intellectual